Various individuals training with kettlebells, dumbbells and a trap bar

I take pride in making sure you feel that training with me is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

If you want to become a stronger, fitter, healthier version of yourself, there are many ways you can go about this. However, it's not easy to do so effectively and efficiently without the right guidance.

One of my main roles as a coach is to act as an instant feedback loop so that you don't develop bad habits while you're learning the fundamentals of strength training and nutrition. You won't waste time with trial and error as you're likely to when training by yourself.

When training alone, it's all too common to end up making limited progress, becoming demotivated and, even worse, getting injured. This is reflected by the fact that most gyms lose 50% of their new members within 6 months (IHRSA, 2020).

First of all, I help you filter out the overwhelming, often contradictory mountain of information that you’re faced with when you start a new training and/or nutrition program.

Second, I make sure to meet you where you are now. Whatever your current fitness level, I help you build yourself up from there, teaching you how to push your body safely, taking into account its limitations and any previous injuries you've had, and making you more resistant to injury in the future.

I'll help you avoid the typical mistakes of undertraining or overtraining, choosing inappropriate exercises, and ingraining poor movement patterns with technique that's either inefficient or hasn't been adapted to your unique body.

Regarding nutrition, I encourage you to avoid tribal diet dogma and instead work with you to make a sustainable plan that's adapted to you as an individual (more on that below).

Finally, to ensure you make continual progress, I update your progressive training program weekly. The adjustments I make depend on your level of improvement and any change of circumstances or unforeseen events. This includes me providing you with adapted workouts that you can do on your own while travelling for work or vacation when you have limited to access equipment.

All I ask from you is to turn up and put the work in, recover well and eat well. I take care of everything else and provide you with the accountability you need to succeed.



I provide one-on-one personal training at either your home, local gym (Fitness Park) or local park.  


The online training I provide is either:

  • One-on-one personal training conducted via Zoom
  • Or, if you prefer to train independently, whenever you want and you have a lower budget, I provide you with a training program that you follow on your own. I update this weekly to ensure your training doesn't stagnate and you continue to make progress. This format includes either a bi-weekly or monthly check-in via Zoom to evaluate your progress and to teach or correct exercise technique.

Both formats include an initial movement assessment session so we can identify any limitations that you have, establish a suitable starting point for you and develop a personalised training program and plan to reach your goals.


All fees are monthly. For in-person personal training, fees vary according to the number of sessions per week and length of commitment. I ask for a minimum commitment of three months. Six month and twelve month packages are also available.

For training sessions at your home, you're eligible for tax credits if you pay your taxes in France. I'm a member of the Hexacoop cooperative that issues these credits as an instant discount on your monthly fees. Please get in touch for details.


Various uncooked, protein-containing foods with a list of their protein content per 100g. An illustration of the 4 step model of habits by James Clear.

Not only is good nutrition essential for your health and performance, it's also fundamental if you want to improve your physical appearance.

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or do both (otherwise known as ’toning’) then, unfortunately, just training isn't enough.

Trying to out-train a bad diet is a losing battle, which is why we'll dedicate one of your first sessions to carrying out a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment. How much time we dedicate to managing your nutrition thereafter will depend on your progress and personal preference.

It's not up to me to tell you what your goals should be but I'll be honest with you about the changes you need to make to achieve them. It's my job to help you make the process as easy as possible, whilst taking into account everything else that's going on in your life.

What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the next person which is why personalisation is key. Instead of expecting you to follow overly-restrictive, tribal diet dogma, I work with you to design a sustainable nutrition plan that fits in with your individual lifestyle, goals and preferences.


Woman performing birddog exercise and man performing a trap bar deadlift

I'm one of about a dozen personal trainers in the world who are certified in the McGill Method, an evidence-based approach of addressing low back pain.

Pioneered by Professor Stuart McGill, one of the world's foremost experts on the lumbar spine, the McGill Method distinguishes itself from other approaches by its comprehensive assessment.

This incorporates an in-depth interview, a bio-mechanical movement assessment and the coaching of both spine hygiene principles and personalised exercises (total duration: approximately two and a half hours).

It's empowering when you understand the cause of your low back pain. During the assessment, I help you to identify the postures, movements and loads that provoke your pain. Then, I teach you how to avoid these individual pain triggers so that you can wind down your pain sensitivity and allow your back to heal.

I coach you through a personalised program of exercises based on what we discover during the assessment. I then deliver this to you via an easy-to-use app with videos to remind you of correct exercise technique so you can be confident doing the program daily on your own.

We then evaluate your progress, update your program and coach you through technique of any new exercises during subsequent check-in sessions.

Once you're pain-free, we can discuss the safest way to go about achieving any specific fitness or performance goals that you have. I'll help you enhance your strength and resilience, whilst minimising the risk of re-injuring your back, via a personalised, progressive resistance training program.

Whilst I offer online programs to international clients via my other website, The Back Coach, I also offer in-person low back pain assessments and coaching in Toulouse.