Low Back Pain Rehab

‘If you’ve left the doctor’s office with only pain pills and no plan for active treatment, you did not see a back expert’

Dr. Stuart McGill (author of Back Mechanic and Low Back Disorders)

Back rehab in Paris

Many people suffer from low back pathologies but the cause of the pain isn’t always the same. Generic exercise prescriptions such as stretching can often do more harm than good if your pain triggers haven’t been correctly identified first.

If you have low back pain, we offer an extensive biomechanical assessment to identify the postures, movements and loads that cause your pain. We teach you how to avoid provoking your pain and provide you with a plan to become pain-free again. Once this baseline is achieved we help you develop the muscular endurance and strength required for a robust, injury-resistant back.


All trainers at 360PT are required to study the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on low back pathologies.

360PT founder, Andy Marlow has attended McGill’s clinical courses in the USA and the Netherlands. He is currently the only McGill Method Certified personal trainer in France.

low back pain rehab

All our low back pain clients are required to read McGill’s ‘Back Mechanic’, written for the layman. This is aligned with the philosophy that anybody suffering from low back pain must be an active participant in their recovery if they want to become pain-free again.

Where appropriate, we refer clients out to Paris-based physiotherapist, Paul Beurskens who has also attended all of Dr. McGill’s clinical courses.

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