Woman performing birddog exercise and man performing a trap bar deadlift

    I'm one of about a dozen personal trainers in the world who are certified in the McGill Method, an evidence-based approach of addressing low back pain.

    Pioneered by Professor Stuart McGill, one of the world's foremost experts on the lumbar spine, the McGill Method distinguishes itself from other approaches by its comprehensive assessment.

    This incorporates an in-depth interview, a bio-mechanical movement assessment and the coaching of both spine hygiene principles and personalised exercises (total duration: approximately two and a half hours).

    It's empowering when you understand the cause of your low back pain. During the assessment, I help you to identify the postures, movements and loads that provoke your pain. Then, I teach you how to avoid these individual pain triggers so that you can wind down your pain sensitivity and allow your back to heal.

    I coach you through a personalised program of exercises based on what we discover during the assessment. I then deliver this to you via an easy-to-use app with videos to remind you of correct exercise technique so you can be confident doing the program daily on your own.

    We then evaluate your progress, update your program and coach you through technique of any new exercises during subsequent check-in sessions.

    Once you're pain-free, we can discuss the safest way to go about achieving any specific fitness or performance goals that you have. I'll help you enhance your strength and resilience, whilst minimising the risk of re-injuring your back, via a personalised, progressive resistance training program.

    Whilst I offer online programs to international clients via my other website, The Back Coach, I also offer in-person low back pain assessments and coaching in Toulouse.