Protein and Weight Loss - A Comprehensive Guide

protein and weight loss guide

If you eat like the average person then chances are you’re not getting enough protein in your diet for optimal health and performance.

We do a detailed nutrition assessment with all new clients who want to lose weight or gain muscle and it’s very rare that anyone is meeting their daily protein requirements when we first see them.

It’s common for many people to be regularly eating even less than half of the RDA (recommended daily allowance). This is the bare minimum recommended to prevent malnutrition in sedentary individuals.

When you add exercise to the mix and your body needs to work harder to repair and regenerate itself, protein requirements go up. The same applies if you’re older, sick or injured.

Protein is also the most important macronutrient for weight loss: it's more satiating than carbs and fat, you burn more calories digesting it and it helps you retain your muscle mass while you lose body fat.

Have a read of the full guide to find out more about how much protein you need, where you can get it from and when you should eat it.

You’ll also find out about why it’s not really bad for your kidneys and which sources of protein to eat to minimise your carbon footprint.


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