The Team


Founder & Head Trainer

Humble leader of a multi-talented team


Personal Trainer

His words of motivation have achieved longevity in the form of a tattoo on one of his client’s arms


Personal Trainer

Patiently guides you to your limits with all his experience as 5x Taekwondo champion of France


Personal Trainer

‘John is like my second cup of coffee in the morning’
(Molly, long-term 360PT client)

We enjoy training our clients and we take our role in improving their health and lives seriously.

We’re proud to provide a premium personal training service that has gained us the trust of our clients over the long term, most of whom have been with us for between one and six years.

Our core values


We practice what we preach: we won’t ask you to do anything we haven’t done ourselves. And we’ll be up front with you about what you need to do to get results.

Empathy & respect

We understand that you have other stuff going on in your life so it’s not our job to tell you what your goals should be. We listen to what you want to achieve and what you’re prepared to sacrifice and decide together on a plan.


No pseudo-science here. No latest diet fads. No Goop product endorsements. Our methods are strictly evidence-based. With so many implacable fitness myths still doing the rounds we take our role as BS filter seriously.


There are no quick fixes. There will be ups and downs. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is part of the process. We help you develop the mental resilience that will get you the results you want and that will carry over into the rest of your life.


We hold ourselves accountable to bring our best to every session. And we hold you accountable to consistently align your actions with your goals.


Our expertise and dedication is a reflection of the passion we have for what we do.


We never stop learning. Our pursuit of constant improvement means that we spend more time on continuing education and less time on Instagram.

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